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Inspiring premium culinary creations since 1922

With over 90 years of flavourful heritage, Haco has perfected the art of preserving and blending the delicate essence and aromas of exquisite ingredients, creating a range of culinary dry mix products of the finest taste and quality for clients the world over.

As a result, our foodservice products are not only high in nutritional value but also do not contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), trans fats, preservatives or artificial colouring – making it the preferred choice for foodservice professionals around the world.

Beyond just manufacturing premium products, Haco Asia Pacific also works closely with our distribution partners and professional chefs in providing technical support and introducing exciting new products to the market.

Packaging Format:

  • 1.2kg Pouch
  • 1.5kg Tub
  • 12kg Industrial Package

Haco Solutions: Efficiency for FoodService Kitchens

Time saving in large-scale catering kitchens

Extremely versatile thanks to fast and simple preparation for dishes cooked to order, and the range’s ability to enhance and refine dishes

Assists personal signature dishes in the demanding task of preparing many dishes on a daily basis

Our guiding principle: efficiency, without distracting from individual creativity