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Roasted Whole Bean Coffee


  • Freshly roasted coffee bean

  • Carefully handpicked from renowned farms the world over

  • Finest coffee quality

  • Unique Single Origin

  • Distinctive characteristic for each variant

Three Cheese Sauce

A well balanced cheesy taste with a combination of cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and cream cheese, making it a perfect sauce for carbonara and cheesy pies filling.

Application Ideas:

  • Macaroni Cheese

  • Carbonara

  • Baked Potato/Avocado

  • Cheesy Chicken/beef pie

  • Sauce for Chicken Chop

  • Stir fry cheesy crab

Black Pepper Sauce

Versatile and suitable as pour over sauce on sizzling steak, stir fry Chinese style cooking, or even as marinade.


  • Sauces for steaks, chicken chop

  • Black pepper udon

  • Stir fry black pepper chicken/pork/prawn/crab/venison meat

  • Pies filling

  • Burger sauce

  • Roast Spare Ribs