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SüiSS, Undoubtedly Swiss

SüiSS, our very own retail brand is synonymous to the renowned “Undoubtedly Swiss” experience. With products made from the freshest and finest ingredients, it is the perfect embodiment of all things premium, indulgent and bursting with natural goodness.

Only the finest beans are freshly roasted and carefully extracted, at a low yield. Its taste is further enhanced through the aroma recovery process in order to produce some of the most premium freeze-dried soluble coffee around. Each jar of freeze dried coffee is infused with coffee oil, to preserve the unique fresh aroma coffee. Our state of the art Swiss technology enables us to produce flawless solid coffee flakes not easily broken, this results in zero coffee dust at the bottom of the jar to give you a well-rounded cup of coffee.

SüiSS freeze-dried coffee in a jar, roasted whole bean and freeze-dried 3-in-1 coffee are now popular and widely available in emerging Asian markets such as Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Singapore and South Korea.

Brand Focus

  • Targeted at upwardly mobile professionals and family-oriented individuals who drive the push towards connoisseurship and food excitement without compromising today’s focus on health.

  • Delivering on the promise of producing Swiss premium food products.

Brand Value

  • To provide consumers a tangible route to health and well being through our products while also presenting an outlet for expression – love, sensuality, trust, discernment, and individuality – providing consumers with an aspired emotional proposition.

Arabica Mild Roast

SüiSS Arabica Mild Roast exemplifies luxury that you can savour. Made from the finest Arabica blend (Kilimanjaro Blend), it fills your senses with its smooth, mild flavour and full-bodied aroma. Reward and pamper yourself with carefully refined coffee that can only originate in Switzerland.

Espresso Dark Roast

SüiSS Espresso Dark Roast embodies temptation with a touch of class. Blended with a selection of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans (Santos, Malabar, Salvador beans), it teases your taste buds with its full-bodied taste. Excite your senses with richly refined coffee that can only originate in Switzerland.

Best Fusion Arabica

SüiSS Best Fusion Arabica comes with a combination of fresh roasted micro grind coffee and Arabica blend freeze dried coffee. The taste profile of a Fusion Coffee is closer to fresh brewed coffee. Visible evidence of the roasted micro grind coffee beans in served Fusion Coffee is the sediment that remains at the bottom of the cup.

Mocha Medium Roast

SüiSS Mocha Medium Roast is extracted from exclusively handpicked Ethiopia origin Arabica beans. The combination of fruity and floral complex taste profile with a chocolaty end note, making it a unique blend to tantalize your taste bud.

Special Blend Medium Roast

SüiSS Special Blend Medium Roast ensembles a coffee blend that is able to excite your taste bud. With its unique lively aroma and full bodied, this coffee is blended with the finest quality of Arabica (Colombia) and Robusta beans (Indonesia and Uganda), making it best to kick-start the day.

More Products coming soon…